Death, Taxes, and Change

#105: Death, Taxes…and Change!

Sometimes there’s great satisfaction in knowing exactly what’s going to happen at every turn. Having a stocked refrigerator, the bills all covered, an orderly schedule. We often cling to the familiar. And If you’re like most people, you strive to set up a routine that will achieve just that. Humans like consistency, security, predictability. And we can create it. But it’s always temporary. Some would even say it’s all an illusion.

I’m not here to get all woo-woo on you. But after all, this is the next installment of my series on change. And those same annoying creatures who’ll tell you that an orderly existence is an illusion will also be the first to quip that the only constant in this world is…change.

So indulge me, if you will: Think back to a time when you felt truly alive, excited, energized, jazzed, on edge, vital, and probably even at least a little afraid. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that when you’ve felt this way, you were either facing or going through – wait-for-it – change!

There are very few certainties in life. No lesser than Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying that the only two are death and taxes. But I’m here to modify that list. Because the most certain uncertainty there is in this life is – you guessed it – change.

Last week I busted through the 3 myths about change that hold you back from fully realizing your life’s purpose. You should now be poised to tackle what I’m going to share today, the 5 Truths about change. These bombastic revelations will allow you to unleash your inner superhero, if you dare.

And here’s a bonus truth, just for you: Change is gonna get you. Period. It may not always be pretty….at first. But it’ll be worth it, I promise. You CAN handle the truth….change is inevitable so face it head on and make it work for you!


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