The Bearable Discomfort of Change

#106: The Bearable Discomfort of Change

Want to know an embarrassing little secret? Sometimes I wait a bit too long to change my sheets. This isn’t a calculated process. I don’t plan ahead. There are not ‘pro vs. con’ lists made, color charts, meetings by committee, etc. In fact, it’s virtually unconscious. The payoff for changing vs. not changing my sheets is minuscule in the grand scheme of things…that is until not changing them becomes downright unbearable.

So where is the tipping point? What is the trigger that moves us to either change or agonize over not changing?

Simple. The key to all perspective change is discomfort.

But before you switch to autopilot, tune me out, or close this email, read this one extremely important sentence: Discomfort is equally responsible for your decisions to change as it is for your choices to do absolutely nothing.

Do I have your attention? Good. Let’s go back to my bed.

One night I may get home really late after a completely draining day only to remember I’d planned to change the sheets. Now I know how dreamy and relaxing freshly laundered linens would feel enveloping me as I pass out, but I also do not want to go through the time and trouble to make that happen. In fact, I’m worried the process might even wake me up when all I want to do is plop directly into a deep slumber. I also know that the sheets on my bed are not pristine and aren’t going to feel as cozy or comfortable as the clean ones would.

So how do I decide?

There’s always discomfort – and comfort – in every choice, in every change. And you face these crossroads dozens of times every day.

Now for the exciting part: No matter how big or small the changes you’re facing may be, you can learn to apply my 3 Essential Keys to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and take control of when, what, where, and how you choose to change!

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