#111: There’s No Excuse For You

I need to write the copy for my latest podcast. But I’m too busy! Plus it’s getting really late and I’m so tired. I have no one to help me. No one ever helps me. I gotta do everything myself. Do you realize how hard it is to come up with fresh, new ideas every week, write them down, proofread them, and edit them all by yourself? Then there’s the recording and the video and more editing. Not to mention all the computery stuff I got do. Man, if only I had the money I could just hire someone to do all of this for me. Whaaaaaaaaaaaa! 

Wow. Sorry about that. I don’t usually whine about this stuff so publicly. I’m a little embarrassed. You’d think as a professional life coach I’d be above making so many excuses, wouldn’t you? 


1. I’m not. No one is. And…

2. What a huge coincidence that this week’s podcast is entitled “There’s no excuse for you!” 

We’ve been exploring the ins and outs of change. And if you’ve been playing along, you’re probably well on your way to creating some amazing changes in your life. But sometimes even when you’ve committed fully to the process, you can hit some nasty roadblocks in the form of excuses. And if you’re not diligent, those excuses can become the undoing of all of your hard work. 

The key is to recognize the excuses for what they are, identify the underlying issues, and face them head on. 

This week I’ll tell you what the 4 main excuses are that you are likely using to sabotage your change. I’ll also reveal the shocking reason why you use them. I’ll get real and tell you 4 hard truths about why you’re using excuses. And finally, I’ll help you to determine the difference between excuses and reasons. Let’s face it, sometimes there are going to be legitimate reasons for you to table your changes for another day. 

Bottom line: Stop allowing excuses to make or break your changes. It’s time to do what YOU want to do! 

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