Do or Do Not, There is No Try

#112: Do or Do Not There is No Try

How many times a day do you catch yourself saying, “I’m trying!” Cmon, you can tell me; what happens on the Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast stays on the Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast.  

Not ready to ‘fess up out loud? That’s okay. I actually have a much deeper and more critical series of questions to ask you: When you say, “I’m trying!” what do you really mean? Where is your mindset? What message are you sending to the world? And more importantly, what message are you reinforcing deep within your own psyche? What habits and patterns are you repeating? And how is this affecting your process of change?  

I’m sure you’ve figured out where I’m going with this. But in case you haven’t, let me ask you to do something else. Think of a time you were with a child – maybe your own, maybe someone else’s, maybe even YOU – and they were tasked with completing something ridiculously simple. Something virtually anyone could do. Probably something they’d already done, possibly even earlier that day. What did you know about this child in this scenario? And what did you say in response?

A wise, internationally famous, intergalactic puppet once said to a stubborn, young protégé of his, “Do or do not, there is no try.” And as we all know, he was spot on.

You’re about to learn that said character is also one of my most beloved mentors. I emphatically put forth that the entire universe created around his message is one that exists primarily to remind us all about exactly what I’ve been testifying about to you over the past couple of months: Change!  

This week – with some help from my little, wrinkled friend – I’ll tell you exactly how this iconic story franchise is designed to get you out of your own damn way and into shifting your energy from doubt to belief. And I’ll reveal the 3 enormous change-friendly messages that consistently run through the entire series.  

Still haven’t guessed who I’m talkin’ ’bout? Well head on over to my podcast now! 

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