#116: Whyyyyyy?

WHY? Because I said so. Because you have to. Because that’s the way it works. Because it’s always been that way. 

Feeling motivated? 

Of course you’re not! Those answers never work. They didn’t work when you were a kid. They don’t work on you now. But let me ask you this: Can you easily and readily provide exciting, empowering, satisfying answers to the WHYs in your life? Because if you can’t, you’re probably not going to truly find the motivation to get from this side of WHY to the other. In fact, it gets worse; you may actually become demotivated. And let’s face it, if you were from content on this side, you wouldn’t be asking WHY. (117)

The less in touch with your WHYs you are, the more loaded and offensive that question can start to feel. The more frustrated you can become. The more you may avoid looking for the answers. I mean seriously…WHY would you want to stress yourself out? WHY???

But here’s the thing: WHY isn’t going anywhere. WHY is in your face. Every day. And remember those flippant answers to WHY that I opened with? They become insidious. They are knee-jerk defenses to WHY that have only one purpose: To kill your motivation. (92)

So are you ready to use your superpower to master WHY once and for all? The first step to unleashing your motivation is finding YOUR WHY. Not anyone else’s. not some pat answers. But YOUR unique, amazing WHYs that will turbocharge YOUR unique and amazing journey. You’re here because you don’t want a cookie-cutter life; so don’t settle for no cookie-cutter WHYs. 

Need a little help? In this podcast I walk you through my 4 surefire questions designed to cut through all the bull and right to the heart of your WHYs to find the true answers that will motivate you. 

So listen now. WHY? Because I got YOU! 

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