#117: What You Want?

#117: What You Want?

What you want? baby, YOU got it! 

Or do you? 

Before you can get what you want, you have to not only know what it is, you gots to burn for it, deep down, in your soul! What am I talking about? 

This is the stuff that moves mountains. It forges paths. Dams rivers. Launches ships and dreams and entire careers. It even drives some to drop houses on their sisters and others to terrorize little girls over a pair of shoes. 

Maybe you already know what I’m talking about…But I’m not ready to reveal it just yet. 

First let me congratulate you on making it this far in my epic series on change. Clearly you want to make some changes in your life or you wouldn’t still be here. Wanting something is a good first step towards getting it. But it’s not enough. If it were, you’d already be living the dream, right? 

What I’m talking about here today is essentially want on steroids. Want to the infinite degree. Want after guzzling a six pack of Monster*. Are you with me yet? 

History is littered with people who wanted things but never quite got it together to make their dreams happen. Their want turned to longing. Maybe even despair and bitterness. And eventually regret. You don’t want to be one of those people. I don’t want you to be one of those people! 

So what in the world am I referring to? What is it that your want needs to grow up to be in order to get you from wanting to having? 

Let’s go back in time… Think of something you wanted so badly that it became a singular obsession. Something you set your sites on and from which you refused to back down. Something you obtained or achieved. You visualized it. You worked tirelessly towards it. And you eventually manifested it. This was more that mere want, wasn’t it. What did you feel? What driving force catapulted you to that goal? What seductive flame was this?

DESIRE – appetencyappetitecravingdrivehankeringhungeritchjonesletchlonginglustpassionpiningthirstthirstinessurgeyearningyen!

Need a little help re-sparking your flame? This podcast will help you rekindle that fire within. I’m giving you a surefire – pun intended – 3-step process to reclaim your heat right NOW! Ready? 

 Let’s do this! 

*Disclamer: Please don’t guzzle a six pack of Monster; I WANT you to live! 

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