Keep it Up, Buttercup

#120: Keep it Up, Buttercup

I once joined the YMCA. I did it because I wanted to work out regularly and spend time participating in activities with my son. I was going to get in shape so I could be healthy, happy, and, I’ll be perfectly honest here…HOT.

I made the decision. I was committed. And by taking the very concrete action of signing that contract allowing them to debit money from my account every single month, I had thoroughly covered all the steps of my very own motivation model. I was unstoppable. I was on fire!

Remember when you were feeling just as motivated? Remember feeling unstoppable and on fire? You may even remember it like it was yesterday. Because it might actually have been just yesterday!

So what happened?

Well let me speak for myself; I lost my motivation. Or more accurately, I abandoned it. In fact, a couple of years later, I was still being debited every month for my membership…and I’d not been there since the first month or two. One day my sister asked me why I didn’t just cancel the membership. And I replied with the half joking quip, “Because then they’ll know I’m not going!”

Can you relate? Think about your false starts. Craft supplies unopened. Running shoes still in the original box. Expired exotic ingredients in the cupboard. Dusty boxes in a corner containing the brochures for that business you were absolutely going to launch…

What’s your story? And is it truly over?

I just spent 5 episodes chatting you up on motivation. You know why you want what you want. You’ve clarified exactly what that is. You’ve committed to your decision. And you’ve taken action. Isn’t that enough?

The short answer is: No. You’ve lathered. You’ve rinsed. But if you truly want to succeed in creating those life altering changes, you must learn how to repeat. Not just that nice. Not even twice. You must repeat relentlessly until you’ve accomplished your goals.

Sound hard? Exhausting? Maybe even a little scary? Only if you let it be…

Never fear, Krylyn’s here!

So let me teach you how to keep it up, buttercup!

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