Slow Your Jealy Roll

#121: Slow Your Jealy Roll

See that woman over there? She’s got a way better job than me! And that one? Man I want her car! And check out the brains on the one with all those diplomas on her wall!


Woah! Clearly I need to get a grip on my green eyed monster.

Sound familiar? Jealousy can come on like a freight train and mow down your confidence. I call it the Jealy Roll. Worst. Pastry. Ever.

Recently I had to get over myself and acknowledge my own jealy roll. Yes, that’s right; I’m just as susceptible to the pitfalls of toxic comparison-itis and stuck-itude as you. We all are. In fact, those super together women with great jobs and cars that may have tripped me up… Guess what? They’re busy jealy rolling over someone else from time to time.

So what to do, what to do… Well, how about a little motivational dessert?

This episode is the perfect cherry to plop atop the motivation sundae I just spent a couple of months serving up to you. Let’s face it: nothing but NOTHING kills your momentum like a good old fashioned case of comparison-itis. It’s a stone cold change stopper if ever there was one.

So c’mon, who doesn’t need a decadent pallet cleanser every once in awhile?

I’m offering up 5 generous scoops of jealousy busting tips, topped with 3 luscious questions you can ask yourself right now. You’ll detect notes of clarity, followed by not-so-subtle hints of renewed confidence. I’m even going to add an extra bonus topping. It’s my own special house blend of “who-are-you-really-jealy-of-anyway?” – rolled in a freshly created aha! moment.

So grab a mental spoon, sit back, and let me teach you how to slow your jealy roll!

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