3 Ways to Celebrate Yourself on Your Birthday

#128: 3 Ways to Celebrate Yourself on Your Birthday

Breaking News: Grown-assed woman found dancing in the streets in a pointy hat holding fistfuls of cake and chanting, “WooHoo, it’s my birthday!” between bites.  

Remember when YOU got that excited when your birthday rolled around? How long has it been?  

As you get older and wiser, more seasoned and experienced, you probably also experience a corresponding decline in enthusiasm for your birthday. Let’s face it: Once you hit a certain age, another trip around the sun can be a bit hard to take.  

So many women dread getting older. They live in fear of the signs of aging. They focus on grey hairs, laugh lines, bumps and bulges, regrets, missed opportunities, unreached goals, and so on. Sound familiar?  

Why do we do that to ourselves? And more importantly, how can we knock it off?  

In this episode I share my 3 show stopping, cake eating, street dancing ways to get your birthday party started and celebrate yourself. On your birthday, on Saturday, on any day and every day!  

Yesterday was my birthday. I may be too old to party like a rockstar but I’ll never be too old celebrate ME. And neither are you. Maybe it’s time to get back in touch with your inner birthday girl!  



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