5 Things to Do with Rude People Instead of Punching Them in the Face

#130: 5 Things to Do with Rude People Instead of Punching Them in the Face

 The woman who cuts in front of you at Starbucks and proceeds to place an order for a small village – and keeps revising it for at least 52 minutes.
– The old man who zooms in front of you to steal the parking space you’ve been waiting patiently for, blocks you from driving around him, and then expects you and the line of vehicles behind you to back up so that he can let the parked car out.
– The lady with two entire shopping carts full of stuff – and a nappy little dog – in front of you in the express checkout.
– The cashier who expects you to do a price check when he rings your items up incorrectly.
– That mother behind you in line blissfully ignoring her kids screaming, throwing stuff, and ramming their cart into the back of your knees.
– The bad toupee wearing a sports car that road rages you for several miles after you won’t let him cut across five lanes of traffic to turn right in front of you…in a lane that’s designated for through traffic.
– The driver of the ginormous SUV that pulls into the compact space to your left, gets out and walks up to your passenger side window and asks you to move over so that she can take up two compact spaces.
…And I’m sure you have at least a couple of your own tales to rival or top these harrowing, true-life horror stories.
Let’s face it, while this time of year brings with it tidings of comfort and joy and hopes of peace on earth, it also unearths a lot of impatient, rude lunatics behind the wheels of cars and shopping carts. Be honest: Don’t you sometimes just want to punch them in the face?
But don’t. Nobody likes spending Christmas Eve in the pokey.
Instead I’m offering up 5 hilarious and slightly less problematic – but possibly far more satisfying- things you can do instead.
Spoiler alert: Here’s a sneak-peak of my possible favorite one: https://youtu.be/nBmNcy4zZNU

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