Don’t Let Auld Lang Syne Trigger Your Ol’ Anxiety

#132: Don’t Let Auld Lang Syne Trigger Your Ol’ Anxiety

It’s here again. That time of year when you’ve run out of…well… 


Where did the time go? How did another entire year just slip away in the blink of an eye? And more importantly, how did you not make good on that laundry list of resolutions? Why are you still in that job, that car, that house, those pants? You may ask yourself, my God, what have I done?  

So. Many. Questions. And some regrets. And do I detect a hint of anxiety?  

Let’s face it: New Year’s is a time that often seems literally designed to get you to dwell upon these things! You look back, you assess, maybe you even stress and beat yourself up a little.  

If you’re like me, you’ve spent many a year’s end in the grips of this vicious cycle. Checking old lists. Making new ones. Or, more likely, just manically expanding the ones which already exist. Bargaining and negotiating with imaginary versions of yourself – past, present, and future – and most likely making outlandishly unrealistic promises that you already know full well you couldn’t keep even if you seriously intended to.  

Your heart is racing, your palms are sweating, your breathing is shallow, and there’s no chocolate left anywhere in the house!  

Seriously, knock it off. Don’t let Auld Lang Syne trigger your ol’ anxiety.  

Look, 2018 is right around the corner, ready or not. So you can do this the easy way, or you can make yourself crazy. If you choose crazy, walk away; we’re done here. I wish you much chaos, drama, and turmoil.  

But if you’re ready – really and truly up for the challenge – I have 4 tips that can make this your smoothest New Year’s transition ever. Including 1 that may surprise you.  

So pour yourself a glass of the bubbly of your choice, sit back, and let me walk you through it. 

You’ve got this!  

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