Embracing the Letdown

#133: Embracing the Letdown

We’re barely into the new year and you’ve already used, lost, grown tired of, or broken all of your favorite holiday toys. The leftovers are gone. Or worse…you’re still wearing them under your “fat” pants. The next decent excuse for a merry celebration is months away and those resolutions are feeling impossible to keep.  

Any of this ringing any bells? Chances are you’ve had this feeling before. And not just after the holiday season. My guess is it’s happened to you repeatedly. Anytime you build up expectations. Anytime something extraordinary inevitably ends…or becomes just plain ordinary.  

It’s almost as if this huge, deflating beast is waiting in the wings to ruin anything really good in your life. Poised to fill you with boredom, apathy, and displeasure. Whispering in your ear as soon as the fun begins, “Is that all there is?”  

Well, Buttercup, that something may be super stealthy and illusive. But it has a name. I call it: The Letdown.  

That’s right, The Letdown. Be honest, you’re not strangers. We’ve all been there. And while it can strike at any time things are going your way even for a nanosecond, The Letdown thrives on ceremony and Kodak moments. The Letdown feasts on the holiday season just as much as you do. Only YOU are it’s Christmas dinner; your joy and cheer its brightly wrapped holiday presents. And unlike you, The Letdown knows how to drag its party out way past the end date on the invite.  

Let’s face it: what goes up must come down. It’s basic physics. And you cannot fight that. So you have a decision to make: You can wallow…or you can embrace the letdown.  

If you chose door number two, listen now for 3 Sobering Strategies designed to bring you gently down from your holiday high.  

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