GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Olga Reinholdt

Olga Reinholdt – Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast

GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Olga ReinholdtListen in as Olga Reinholdt talks about the possibilities in ALL opportunities (including one that surfaced during the show).

“Acknowledge and appreciate your own intrinsic ability to get out of your own damn way.”  – Olga Reinholdt

ABOUT THIS GUEST: Olga is a life coach with Accomplishment Coaching organization. She truly believes that happiness is a choice and she helps women cultivate their happy lifestyle. She’s a professional fitness trainer who promotes an anti-fitness concept. She helps women create the body that empowers them for making their dreams come true without that dieting, sweating, “six-pack”, “no-pain-no-gain” nonsense. Olga is also a motivation ninja, idea generator and “no excuses” coach: she’d rather help you find a way or make one. She hosts a podcast “Fitness for Grown-ups” (in Russian), co-founded an online fitness club “Best for Health” and provides personal online life coaching and power anti-fitness program. Not so long ago she packed 30 years of her life in two suitcases, moved with her husband and a three year old from Kazakhstan to the USA, and started a new exciting life from scratch. Now she helps women find their own point of self-actualization and freedom, and create resources for awesomeness, with healthy body being an essential one. She’s bilingual, a big fan of Russian rock music, devoted Iyengar yoga practitioner, singer and rock-model in the making, and a Buddhist at heart. www.olgareinholdt.ru/en


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