GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Tandee A Salter

Tandee A. Salter – Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast

GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Tandee A SalterListen in as Tandee A. Salter discusses some of her best tips to boost your confidence.

“When we up-play our strengths and down-play our weaknesses, we’re better able to see ourselves, accomplish more, and be more confident.” – Tandee A. Salter

ABOUT THIS GUEST: Tandee A. Salter, the confidence engineer, is a certified life coach and motivational speaker. She coaches millennial women on how to get clear, get unstuck, and build confidence so they may life the life they were created to live. She once wore the same shoes as her clients and combines experience and education to help clients develop a blueprint for their own individual success. She is also co-author of best-seller 20 Beautiful Women 2 and has been featured on BLClife.com; Tandee is also an associate member of Women Speaker’s Association.  www.tandeesalter.com



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