GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Amber Slaughter

Amber Slaughter – Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast

GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Amber SlaughterListen in as Amber Slaughter shares some #truthbombs about moving past fear, limiting beliefs, and being the architect of your own life.

“The only permission that’s needed is from yourself to define what you want and go after it on your terms.” – Amber Slaughter

ABOUT THIS GUEST:  Amber is committed to coaching, motivating and guiding her clients towards shaping the life of their dreams and finding foundation for growth. With over a decade of industry-related experience, Amber has trained hundreds of people, and has worked with noteworthy brands like Coca-Cola, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and the University of Houston. She constructs and motivates, high-performance teams and helps create confident, thought-provoking leaders. While Amber has many talents, her passion is aiding professional women, and freeing them of the notion that they need to seek permission in order to pursue an active life or desired career path. www.amberslaughter.com



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