GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Gail Dixon

Gail Dixon – Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast

GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Gail DixonListen in as Gail Dixon chats about the deciding to own her value, make her needs a priority, and create her dream biz after retirement.

“If I didn’t get out of my own way, I’d essentially be saying to Source ‘thanks, but your gift doesn’t matter.'” – Gail Dixon

ABOUT THIS GUEST:  Gail Dixon is a Speaker, Best Selling Author, Coach and Consultant with more than 30 years of experience. As the Founder and President of Masterful Messaging, Gail specializes in guiding people to name, frame and claim the verbal expression of their brand identity and core messaging. Her extensive experience combined with her unique gift of listening between the lines positions Gail as a top expert and trusted authority for creating compelling and authentic brand and personal messaging. She is a certified public speaker through Women’s Prosperity Network and serves as a coach in their community. masterfulmessaging.com



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