GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Emi Kirschner

Emi Kirschner – Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast

GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Emi KirschnerListen in as Emi Kirschner talks about the connection between life, relationships, food, and more!

“We want to change other people. But people will fall in line with who we are when we change and value ourselves.”  – Emi Kirschner

ABOUT THIS GUEST: Coach, Speaker and Author, Emi Kirschner, CHHC, helps cracks the code for high achieving, yet stressed out executives and entrepreneurs by showing them how their relationship with food affects their performance and productivity. Emi is known for helping clients break the cycle of dieting and emotional eating. A genuine foodie and a lover of adventure, Emi incorporates her passions in her Coaching and Corporate Training Programs, along with “French Fries to Foodies,” her online course for parents of picky eaters. Emi is the co-author of the book, Get Results! in which she shares her secrets to getting exactly what you desire. www.emikirschner.com



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