Have you noticed how life has a way of throwing things at you?

Twists, turns, competing priorities, the list goes on.

It’s a constant balancing act of managing the everyday demands of family, work, health, finances, housework, etc. There’s so much stuff to deal with, we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of our priority list…or worse, off that list completely.

Are you ready for more balance?

Longing to feel centered amidst the chaos?

FINAL PIC-Krylyn Peters 2015-squareMy name is Krylyn and I know exactly how you feel. I’m a single mom of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome, a small business owner, an employee, and recovering work-a-holic. I get the challenges of balancing everything life throws at me.

Sometimes it’s not so pretty.

I have struggled, sometimes feeling unworthy, undeserving, confused, and angry at my lack of progress. I have gone from blaming others for my circumstances to taking sole responsibility, and everything in between. I have used distractions (work, TV, food, shopping, humor, the internet, etc.) to drown out and avoid dealing with overwhelming feelings and unpleasant situations. I’ve put others’ needs before my own, playing a victim when my inner resources were tapped and I was left feeling tired, resentful, and depleted.

But I’ve learned a lot along my journey.

Things like…

  • We cannot wait for things to be “perfect” in order to feel calm.
  • Life isn’t “against” us, but it sure has a lot of lessons to teach.
  • There’s always something to be grateful for.
  • Suffering is optional.

Known as “The Fear Whisperer,” I'm an author, speaker, coach, and singer/songwriter. I also have a background as a licensed psychotherapist, which gives me an edge in not only understanding human behavior but also access to tools that help people tame their fear and get out of their own damn way so they can embrace their greatness. I am highly intuitive and have a way of helping people navigate out of the stuckness that holds them back and propel them into life-changing, positive action. I have felt called to share my personal and professional experience and expertise with others because I believe we are meant to learn from our own challenges and in turn help others with theirs. In my quest to help myself and my clients, I’ve come across some great tools. And I put together 7 of the tools into a book...

7 Ways to Instantly Center Yourself:

How to Find Calm in the Storm

This book describes techniques that I successful use with my clients - techniques that can help YOU:

  • Shift to a more positive mindset
  • Get connected to your body (which is sending signals to you all the time)
  • Become more aware of how you're feeling and be able to release any tension you are holding onto
  • Take better care of you emotional, physical, and spiritual self
  • Put yourself back on your priority list

And now, I’m offering this wonderful resource to the public…

“7 Ways to Instantly Center Yourself” is a 68 page book (in PDF format) that gets right to the point, giving you quick tips to help you get back to balance no matter what life throws at you.

And this invaluable resource is available for just $15...

Get Your Copy of "7 Ways..." NOW!

It’s the perfect gift to yourself or someone you care about who’s struggling with life’s challenges right now.

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Read what others are saying about

"7 Ways to Instantly Center Yourself"...

Therese Skelly,

“Wow, Krylyn has packed so many strategies into this book!  This is one of those things you pick up and have a reminder of what you can do (often very quickly) to change your mood, your energy, and your life. My favorite chapter was the one on Nurturing.  I love the ideas and suggestions that Krylyn gives, and I’m going to start implementing them immediately! The cool part is that there is a way out of overwhelm.  And Krylyn has beautifully given a roadmap for that!”

Therese Skelly, Business Coach & Transformational Teacher, www.HappyinBusiness.com
Sheila Kennedy,

“Krylyn Peters is a luminary and this book will enlighten you. Balance can be a tough ideal to strive for, but Krylyn makes it accessible and achievable. Her suggestions and wisdom light the way for anyone looking to center themselves. I am always searching for resources for my clients to use to help them achieve increased confidence and Krylyn Peters’ book is one I will readily share with them. 7 Ways to Instantly Center Yourself should be a tool in everyone’s tool kit!”

Sheila Kennedy, THE Confidence Coach, www.j29project.com
Get Your Copy of "7 Ways..." NOW!

"Krylyn's e-book is full of great tips to help center yourself- it's just the right length so that it's not overwhelming if you're in the midst of a crisis, yet meaty enough to dive into more deeply whenever you've got the time. It's got a great overview of strategies so you can pull out what you need when you need it and move on to trying the next thing if you find you need a bit more. Brava and thanks, Krylyn!"

Elizabeth Gould
Kay Ross,

“I love how Krylyn has managed to give lots of simple, practical, instantly implementable tips without getting bogged down in complicated details or abstract theory.”

Kay Ross, Bodyworker/healer, Hong Kong, www.kayross.com
Ginny McMinn,

“What a beautiful book! “7 Ways to Instantly Center Yourself” is part inspiration and part recommended actions you can take to relieve stress and return to a more balanced state. There are practical suggestions for how to take better care of yourself during stressful situations and times. Krylyn also shares how to nurture yourself on an ongoing basis. She has prepared a lovely book with quotes you haven’t read before and calming design features that make the reading easy and pleasurable. Add this to the content, and you have a book you will read and enjoy — and come back to again.”

Ginny McMinn, Entrepreneur Coach, www.resiliententrepreneur.com

Don’t delay. Get your copy of “7 Ways to Instantly Center Yourself” today and get started on the road back to balance.

Get Your Copy of "7 Ways..." NOW!