8 Songs to Help You Celebrate Your Success

This month is all about celebrating our success here at krylyn.com. Are you ready to let your hair down, shake your groove thang, and get to some celebrating? Sometimes, we need a little musical inspiration to help light a fire. So crank up those speakers and enjoy some of my favorite songs that highlight the art of celebration.

1. Celebration‬ by ‪Kool & The Gang‪

2. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

3. One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston

4. Let’s Get It Started‬ by ‪The Black Eyed Peas‪

5. Footloose‬ by ‪Kenny Loggins‪

6. ‪Put One Foot in Front of the Other‬

7. Oh Yeah by Yell

8. I Believe‬ by Fantasia

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