#81: The Down Side of Self Improvement

Podcast Episode Graphic 81 v5Ever wonder about the down side of self improvement?

Are you on the self-help bandwagon? Tis’ the season. Every New Year brings with it the hope and promise of a clean slate. Maybe you want a new bod, a new J-O-B, or a new slice of life. And these days you don’t have to look too far to get bombarded with products and services that lure you in with the promise all this…and MORE!

But what happens when these messages infiltrate your brain? Marketers are pulling at your heart strings and pushing all your buttons. And before you know it, you may find yourself believing that you’re not good enough, feeling that you’re flawed or even broken. Not only can this start a vicious cycle of low self worth and doubt, but it’s hard to see yourself for the beautiful person you are through a filter of criticism and endless scrutiny.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a total self-help junkie. I LOVE the path of healing and enlightenment. But what I don’t like are those deeper messages we sometimes glean.

So here’s my New Year’s message for you: I happen to think that you are perfect just the way you are – even if you want to improve yourself. In fact you are amazing because you want to do so!

In this episode, I share my thoughts and strategy on what you can do to defeat those unfair and untrue messages that are flying at you at warp speed at this time of year. I’ll even give you 3 tips on how you can ensure you are approaching your self-improvement journey from a place of power. So take back the reigns of your own journey. Own it. And make the decision to work on you not because you need to, but because you want and deserve to!

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