Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Prize

#83: Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Prize

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own PrizeHer business model is more successful. His bank account is bigger than mine. I wish I had her shoes!

So here’s the deal: We ALL compare ourselves to others. We all pine away for that which we do not have. We all get sidetracked by pulling out that measuring stick and bucking under the weight of our own inadequacies….burying ourselves at the bottom of our own insecurities.

But let me ask you this: Would you really trade your life – your journey – for anybody else’s? Let’s assume for a moment that you actually could. Are you willing to take on the unknown baggage, the heartaches, the scars and the setbacks that inevitably come with that package? Would you willingly sacrifice your greatness for whatever is behind door number two?

Get honest. You love who you are! And all of those bumps and bulges that sometimes make you frown are some of the essential building blocks that make up the wonder that is you.

Let’s take it a step further: I’d even bet that if you could magically pull off a Freaky Friday moment, you’d discover that those shoes you so desperately dream of being in cause blisters. You may even discover that all this time you’ve been wasting wishing you were in her ruby red slippers, she’s been staring at your shoes with the same longing and desire!

So what if I could give you 3 simple tips to break that spell and instantly bring you back to embracing your own journey?

You guessed it: In this episode I’ll not only hand you my magic wand to do just that, I’ll help you renew your belief that you’re not only on the right path – the only path! – for you, I bet I’ll have you happily dancing in your own damn shoes!

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