Cupid is a Big Fat Liar, Throw Chocolate at Him!

#86: Cupid is a Big Fat Liar, Throw Chocolate at Him!

Cupid is a Big Fat Liar, Throw Chocolate at Him!

Here it is, almost Valentine’s Day again. And here I am, single. Like me, you may find yourself feeling a bit lonely, depressed, and unloved when this holiday rolls around. Even if you’re in a relationship, if your sweetheart has gone tart, this holiday can leave you feeling empty, sad, and utterly disappointed.

Let’s face it: It’s hard to feel worthy when you watch the parade of flower deliveries at the office, the sumptuous boxes of chocolates in the hands of the coupled, and glittery cards everywhere, brimming with red hearts and gooey sentiments. Valentine’s Day is like the Memorial Day of the romantically disenfranchised. And all you can do is hunker down and bear it, hoping that next year will be different; next time you’ll find love.

Psych! If you’re walking around feeling that way, you’ve been duped by the chubby little cherub in the diaper with the arrow. Hallmark has kicked your heart and submerged your brain in creamy nougat centers. You’ve lost touch with the indisputable, universal truth that you not only deserve to be loved, you already are!

So why do you get caught up in the madness? Why do the holiday aisles filled with heart-shaped boxes and disturbingly adorable bears knock the stuffing out of you? How can such a blatant campaign for your February dollars suck you dry of hope, confidence, and well-being?

It’s all about truly understanding and embracing love. Not the store-bought substitutions or commercially viable alternatives. But true love. On your terms. The way you need to experience it.

In this episode, we’ll kick Cupid to the curb. I’m giving you 3 powerful exercises that’ll reboot your heart with the myth-busting, expectation-smashing truths about love. And I’ve provided a quiz designed to instantly clarify what love truly means to you. Because when it comes to love, why wait when you can create?

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