To Know ME is to Love ME

#87: To Know ME…is to Love ME

To Know to Love ME

Remember when you were little and someone close to you would tell you how beautiful you were? Or smart, talented, sweet, etc. Maybe you even had a special nickname that lit you up like a fireworks show every time you heard it.

What’s more, you believed it. You allowed yourself to be enveloped in that admiration. And chances are, it manifested in your actions…even shaped your identity. You became more of whatever wonderful aspect of you was highlighted and celebrated by those around you.

It’s also likely that you experienced the polar opposite. Someone in your life – possibly even you – told you that you were lacking, inadequate, or even downright bad in some aspect of your life. And I’d bet that you lived up to that label as well.

Here’s the cold, hard truth: You rise or fall to your own perceptions and expectations, not to objective realities. If you believe you are beautiful, you are. And you will radiate that beauty into the world, regardless of your physical shape or state. If you know you are lovable, you are. Not just to yourself, but to others around you.

So how easy is it to flip a switch and become the person you want to be – to yourself and to the world? The good news is that it’s an elemental skill which you already possess and can summon any time. The challenging news is that it’s a two-way switch and can revert to the off position anytime you allow yourself to become stuck in negativity, stress, or defeat.

In this episode I walk you through 3 powerful exercises guaranteed to instantaneously flex your self-love muscle. And I provide a simple bonus step to provide a constant reminder to yourself that to know you truly is to love you. Listen now because it’s high time to rediscover just how amazingly lovable you really are!

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