Let's Get Read-eeeeee to NOT Rumble!

#89: Let’s Get Read-eeeeee to NOT Rumble!

Let's Get Read-eeeeee to NOT Rumble!

Ever have one of those days when everyone seems 100% committed to pushing your buttons and testing your boundaries? That overnight package got lost in the mail. You’ve wasted over 40 minutes of your lunch break on hold with an apathetic customer service representative trying to resolve a $3 issue. Meanwhile, your barista put herbal tea in your triple espresso. On a different day, you’d probably let these things go. But not today. Today you’re ready to rumble.

Some days you just wake up with your fight face on. You’re ready to go 12 rounds with any fool who crosses your path. No one is safe. No one is spared. No one is getting out unscathed…not even you.

Now I’m not saying that there’s nothing out there worth going to the mat for; of course there are times you’ll have to fight for what’s right. But even then, you have choices. Even then you can decide how to approach the situation. Even then you can choose your battles wisely. And even then you can assess which battles are truly worth your energy…and which situations are better left behind as you consciously walk away.

In this episode, I’ll get down in the ring with you. We’ll get real and explore some of the ways to gracefully manage that fight face. And I’ll share 4 steps that you can take every time you hear that bell in your head, signaling another round. These tips will allow you to take control and make conscious decisions about when, how, and if you want to do battle. And best of all, they will help you transform the battles you do need to pursue into more pleasant negotiations.

Imagine working with the post office to find your lost package and cooperating with customer service to quickly resolve billing discrepancies. Visualize walking away from those conflicts feeling warm and happy and knowing that you’ve helped others feel that way, too. Imagine hugging your barista…okay, maybe that’s pushing it too far. After all, I pity the fool who messes with my latte!

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