That’s a Bunch of Bull-Should

#99: That’s a Bunch of Bull-Should

Can I ask you a question? I want you to be brutally honest. Tell me the truth. Even if it’s painful…

What should you be doing right now?

I’d tell you to really think about it but my educated guess is that you don’t have to. I suspect you have a laundry list ready to go. In fact, there’s a good chance laundry is on that list!

You should be doing a million things. Am I right? What’s more, there’re probably a million other things you should have done instead of many of the things you actually did. You should figure out why that is. You should have figured it out years ago. You’re probably a world-class expert in shoulding all over yourself. Wanna know what I think about this?

It’s a bunch of Bullshould!

That’s right; l said Bullshould. If this incredibly powerful word isn’t yet a part of your everyday vocabulary, maybe it should be. Or more importantly, maybe it could be.

Should is a dirty word. It traps you in a cycle of guilt and regret. It stinks. Stinks, I tells ya! And that’s why I want you to start recognizing it for the Bullshould it truly is.

So what if I told you that by making a tiny shift, by reframing your language and your perception surrounding the concept of should, you could instantly and dramatically change your relationship with the things you do…and the things you don’t do? What if all it takes is three simple steps to free you from self criticism, doubt, and shame? And what if those same easy changes could open you up to endless possibilities and choices?

Well, if I told you that – and I just did! – you might think that you should listen to this week’s podcast.


Oh, I want you to listen. But don’t do it because you should. Do it because…you could!

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