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4 Easy Ways to Say,

#124: 4 Easy Ways to Say, “I Don’t Got Your Back!”

Ever wondered how you can let someone know that you just don’t support them? Looking for ways to show someone you really don’t care? We’ve all been there. So I’m here to show you 4 ways to say, “I don’t got your back!”

Or…you know…identify which of your own loved ones aren’t truly there to support you.

Support. It’s that make or break ingredient that can often be the difference between success and failure. Think of it like salt: You don’t always detect when it’s there. When administered correctly, it’s subtle. It makes everything work better. It can bring out flavor, textures, even colors. It’s responsible for the chemical success of so many things. So while it’s presence can be easily taken for granted, its absence is glaringly obvious.

You literally cannot live without salt.

And if you’re completely honest with yourself, you know that the same thing is true of support.

How many heart-warming stories have you heard about an underdog who went from rags to riches or who, against all odds, achieved something that transformed the world? And how many times have you succeeded at something without any help, guidance, or support?

But what about those people in your life who are supposed to have your best interests at heart? Your friends, your family, even your coworkers and bosses? Are they truly supporting you?

Chances are, you know the answer. And you probably have at least one person in your life who means well, who appears to have your back. But when push comes to shove, they’re not only not offering you support, they may actually be actively sabotaging you.

So how can you identify if there’s one of these unsalty characters messing up your recipe for success? I share 4 simple ways in this week’s podcast. And I also give you 3 easy tips to restore the support that you need to succeed.

Fear By Any Other Name

#123: Fear By Any Other Name

Remember all of that fuss in Romeo and Juliet about a rose? You know, if it was called anything other than a rose, it’d still be a rose. It would look the same, feel the same. Smell the same. That’s some deep stuff, right? Basically, Shakespeare was saying it didn’t matter how you framed it; a rose is a rose is a rose.  

But what if you called a rose a banana? Could that be confusing? Could it drastically alter perceptions and possibly really mess up a good pie? Or let’s say you called a rose a thorn delivery system? Suddenly it might not be so appealing.  

There’s an art form to marketing and spin. A masterful finesse to renaming, rearranging, and reforming how we see things. It can change what we believe, what we want, even how we behave. And sometimes that’s refreshing. But sometimes it can be harmful.  

You might have designer clothes and handbags, artisan cupcakes or cheese, reimagined, recycled, and upcycled tchotchkes. But did you know that you’re probably also walking around with something else that’s been rebranded and reframed? I’m talking about FEAR. That’s right: there’s a whole lotta buzz around repackaging this old feeling. But let’s face it: fear by any other name…is still just fear!  

And if you want to deal with fear, move through it, overcome its hold on you, you have to get really real and face it head on.  

In this episode, I reveal 4 surprising ways you may be disguising this emotion and enabling yourself to detour around it. I also tell you 2 signs that may indicate that you’re unknowingly living in a state of perpetual fear. And finally, I share 3 Balancing Tips designed to help you bust through your fears and cope like a unicorn!

Just kidding. You’ll be coping like a boss. But you can call yourself a unicorn, or a banana, or even a rose. Because a boss by any other name…still takes charge and gets things done!  

Loco for FOMO

#122: Loco for FOMO

When I was growing up, I was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. I was also looney for Lucky Charms, crazy for Captain Crunch, and fanatical over Fruity Pebbles.

Weekly grocery shopping with my family was stressful. I had to choose one and commit to it for an entire week. Or worse, they’d let me have a couple, which would make every morning an agonizing dilemma. And then there was the bickering and bargaining with my sister over who would get the last bowl of whatever was in the box. It didn’t really matter what it was…I wanted it because she did, and visa versa.

Sounds silly, right? But at the time, these felt like life altering decisions. Huge amounts of energy were spent on ruminating over the choices…and then often regretting the sacrifices I’d made. Don’t even get me started on the Eggos!

Today I face the same sorts of conundrums. I could get all up on my high horse and talk about how much more serious and important they are but here’s the truth: it’s all relative. All of it. Not just the decisions but how I perceive and approach them. How I frame them. And how I choose to let them affect my sanity and well being.

So let me ask you this: Do you find yourself second guessing your choices? Do you always want what the other girls have? Do you sometimes find yourself doing nothing because you’re afraid you’ll miss out on one thing if you choose the other? In my professional opinion, you may be loco for FOMO. What the heck am I talking about? I’m so glad you asked…!

This week I’ll show you just how easy it can be to not get all caught up agonizing over decisions with 3 Decisive Tips. And for those of you who don’t know, I’ll reveal the meaning of FOMO. And then I’ll blow your minds with a little JOMO.

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Slow Your Jealy Roll

#121: Slow Your Jealy Roll

See that woman over there? She’s got a way better job than me! And that one? Man I want her car! And check out the brains on the one with all those diplomas on her wall!


Woah! Clearly I need to get a grip on my green eyed monster.

Sound familiar? Jealousy can come on like a freight train and mow down your confidence. I call it the Jealy Roll. Worst. Pastry. Ever.

Recently I had to get over myself and acknowledge my own jealy roll. Yes, that’s right; I’m just as susceptible to the pitfalls of toxic comparison-itis and stuck-itude as you. We all are. In fact, those super together women with great jobs and cars that may have tripped me up… Guess what? They’re busy jealy rolling over someone else from time to time.

So what to do, what to do… Well, how about a little motivational dessert?

This episode is the perfect cherry to plop atop the motivation sundae I just spent a couple of months serving up to you. Let’s face it: nothing but NOTHING kills your momentum like a good old fashioned case of comparison-itis. It’s a stone cold change stopper if ever there was one.

So c’mon, who doesn’t need a decadent pallet cleanser every once in awhile?

I’m offering up 5 generous scoops of jealousy busting tips, topped with 3 luscious questions you can ask yourself right now. You’ll detect notes of clarity, followed by not-so-subtle hints of renewed confidence. I’m even going to add an extra bonus topping. It’s my own special house blend of “who-are-you-really-jealy-of-anyway?” – rolled in a freshly created aha! moment.

So grab a mental spoon, sit back, and let me teach you how to slow your jealy roll!

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Keep it Up, Buttercup

#120: Keep it Up, Buttercup

I once joined the YMCA. I did it because I wanted to work out regularly and spend time participating in activities with my son. I was going to get in shape so I could be healthy, happy, and, I’ll be perfectly honest here…HOT.

I made the decision. I was committed. And by taking the very concrete action of signing that contract allowing them to debit money from my account every single month, I had thoroughly covered all the steps of my very own motivation model. I was unstoppable. I was on fire!

Remember when you were feeling just as motivated? Remember feeling unstoppable and on fire? You may even remember it like it was yesterday. Because it might actually have been just yesterday!

So what happened?

Well let me speak for myself; I lost my motivation. Or more accurately, I abandoned it. In fact, a couple of years later, I was still being debited every month for my membership…and I’d not been there since the first month or two. One day my sister asked me why I didn’t just cancel the membership. And I replied with the half joking quip, “Because then they’ll know I’m not going!”

Can you relate? Think about your false starts. Craft supplies unopened. Running shoes still in the original box. Expired exotic ingredients in the cupboard. Dusty boxes in a corner containing the brochures for that business you were absolutely going to launch…

What’s your story? And is it truly over?

I just spent 5 episodes chatting you up on motivation. You know why you want what you want. You’ve clarified exactly what that is. You’ve committed to your decision. And you’ve taken action. Isn’t that enough?

The short answer is: No. You’ve lathered. You’ve rinsed. But if you truly want to succeed in creating those life altering changes, you must learn how to repeat. Not just that nice. Not even twice. You must repeat relentlessly until you’ve accomplished your goals.

Sound hard? Exhausting? Maybe even a little scary? Only if you let it be…

Never fear, Krylyn’s here!

So let me teach you how to keep it up, buttercup!

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Lights, camera, ACTION! 

#119: Lights, camera, ACTION!

So you think you’re motivated. You’ve defined what you want. You’ve figured out why. You’ve tapped into your desire. But there’s still one more thing you gotta do. And it all comes down to this.

What is it? Are you sure you’re ready? Okay, here we go…

Quiet on set… Lights; camera; ACTION!

I’ve spent the last month breaking down motivation for you piece by piece. No sugar coating. Gloves off. Down to business. And we are finally at the homestretch.

I’ve helped you identify your WHYs. I’ve taught you how to cut through all the noise and discover your true desires. And I’ve clarified the importance of decision – and how you are always making decisions either proactively and consciously or passively and irresponsibly.

Today I’m giving you the final – and indisputably most crucial – piece of the motivation puzzle.

You have to take action. You know that. I’m not telling you anything new. I’d love to be the inventor of the Insta-Motivate Change supplement. Just add water and live your dreams! But if I told you that I’d done that, would you believe me? Would you buy what I was selling?

No! Of course not! You’re a smart, powerful, capable woman. You know the score. And you don’t need a magic bullet. You just need a little push in the right direction. A reminder. Some support.

So let’s get real.

What I’m offering you in this week’s podcast is a no-nonsense, 3 Ingredient Formula to provide an easier journey down that necessary path of action. You can’t put it in the blender. It doesn’t mix easily with your morning latte. It won’t wash down with your multivitamin. But when prepared and administered properly, it will give you that added boost you need to make those amazing changes you know you need to make in your life.

You cannot defy the laws of physics. As Einstein himself said: “Nothing happens until something moves.”

Ready to create some serious changes? Click to listen NOW.


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