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5 Signs You Need Help – Especially If You Think You Don’t

#129: 5 Signs You Need Help – Especially If You Think You Don’t

Hey Buttercup I got your number: You are superwoman. Not only can you bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan…you bought the land, built the farm, selected the pig – after breeding, delivering, raising, and grooming it – cured and smoked the meat, and now your creating dozens of recipes and preparing dishes to serve at the party of the century which you will single-handedly pull off.  

Why? Because you can.  

My sister had a friend who told her one of the single wisest things she’d ever heard. And she in turn passed it on to me. Just because you’re good at cleaning toilets doesn’t mean you have to do it for a living.  

Think about that. Really think about it. Just because you can do everything doesn’t mean you have to do everything.  

So let me ask you this: Why do you?  

I know, I know…You’re superwoman. Of course you have to! And as we head full force into the holiday season, you may believe that you’re absolutely indispensable. There’s a ton to do and you’ve got it all covered. But let’s face it, this is often exactly when life decides to throw you a curveball.  

In fact, let me throw one at you right now: You cannot do everything all the time all by yourself. Yes, you. I’m talking to you!  

But you already know that. You already know that you need help and assistance and support. You already know it but you don’t always act like you do. Just like I don’t. Just like most kick-ass, highly motivated, superwomen don’t.  

So let’s take a few minutes for a hilarious reality check and poke some fun at ourselves with my 5 Foolproof Signs that you could use some extra support this holiday season…and all year ’round!  

3 Ways to Celebrate Yourself on Your Birthday

#128: 3 Ways to Celebrate Yourself on Your Birthday

Breaking News: Grown-assed woman found dancing in the streets in a pointy hat holding fistfuls of cake and chanting, “WooHoo, it’s my birthday!” between bites.  

Remember when YOU got that excited when your birthday rolled around? How long has it been?  

As you get older and wiser, more seasoned and experienced, you probably also experience a corresponding decline in enthusiasm for your birthday. Let’s face it: Once you hit a certain age, another trip around the sun can be a bit hard to take.  

So many women dread getting older. They live in fear of the signs of aging. They focus on grey hairs, laugh lines, bumps and bulges, regrets, missed opportunities, unreached goals, and so on. Sound familiar?  

Why do we do that to ourselves? And more importantly, how can we knock it off?  

In this episode I share my 3 show stopping, cake eating, street dancing ways to get your birthday party started and celebrate yourself. On your birthday, on Saturday, on any day and every day!  

Yesterday was my birthday. I may be too old to party like a rockstar but I’ll never be too old celebrate ME. And neither are you. Maybe it’s time to get back in touch with your inner birthday girl! 


Beyond Thankfulness: 4 Things You Need to Be Grateful For If You Want to Grow

#127: Beyond Thankfulness: 4 Things You Need to Be Grateful For If You Want to Grow

Today is American Thanksgiving. It’s a day dedicated to giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives. The myth we were taught as children revolved around the colonial settlers from Europe – or Pilgrims – and the native Americans. It was told that they put aside their differences for one day a year to share a meal, teach each other their unique traditions, and embrace each other with love and acceptance.  

But anyone with any true knowledge of that time in American history knows that this is just a fairytale.  

The concept of a Thanksgiving – or day of thanks – is present in nearly every world religion as a day to be thankful for the harvest and the previous year. And these are worthy aspirations. But I’m going to say something controversial: The myth I grew up with is also a worthy aspiration. I still believe this wholeheartedly…even given my knowledge of the true nature of the relationship between the settlers and the natives.  

Anyone can be thankful for the good stuff. And we all should be of course. But what about the challenges, the setbacks, the tragedies, and the travesties? What can you gain from being thankful for those things?  

Perhaps a better question is this: What can you lose by not being thankful for the stuff that seems indisputably bad? What are you missing out on by not digging below the surface?  

Growing up, Thanksgiving was a central holiday in my family. But honestly, it was less about thankfulness and more about socializing and partying. I was never truly taught the value of a thankful practice until, as an adult, I found it on my own. And so I’ve created my own traditions and my own complex practices that go way beyond thankfulness.  

So while I bet you’re thankful for the “blessings” in your life. Your talents. Your favorite things. Good friends and family, and so on. I suspect you don’t give the same reverence to the “curses”. I’m talking about failures, maybe an insect infestation or an ex who won’t leave you alone. Your rotten childhood or even a bad back.  

What sort of crazy person would be thankful for any of that?  

Me, that’s who! 

And if you’re ready to grow – I mean really, truly grow – you will be, too! 

In this podcast I’ll explain why you need to be just as thankful for your perceived curses as you are for your blessings. And I’ll tell you the 4 seemingly awful things you must start thanking your lucky stars for fight now!  

So listen up, buttercup; I’m about to blow your mind!  


Don’t Mess with My Toot-Toot

#126: Don’t Mess with My Toot-Toot

Have you ever gotten super excited about doing something new…only to be immediately derailed by a well meaning friend or loved one? Of course you have! We all have. And sometimes the warnings, criticisms, and devil’s advocate act can truly come from a place of good intentions. Sometimes you need a reality check. But what about when you really don’t?  

Almost 20 years ago, my sister was about to get married. She’d put on a lot of weight over the years and she really wanted to slim down. For her health. For her vanity. And for her wedding photos.  

Roughly two and a half months before the wedding, she saw an infomercial that sparked her motivation. It was for a diet plan that seemed to suit her but it would have taken 7-14 business days to be delivered. She did some research and discovered that the product was shipped from our town. So she grabbed me, drove to the warehouse and convinced the employees that she had to buy the product right then and there. It went against all the rules but she’s very persuasive when she wants to be. And she was lucky to find some people who didn’t want to re-route her hopes and dreams. They even threw in a bonus product as a “wedding gift”.  

And against all odds, my sister exceeded even her own expectations and got married 60 pounds lighter and 4-5 dresses sizes down!  

Imagine if they’d told her no. Imagine if I had talked her down. Imagine if the people close to her had insisted that it was impossible or unrealistic or unhealthy.  

Chances are that you have that one person in your life that lies down in front of you on the tracks every time you board the change train. It’s hard enough to deal with your own doubts and fears but what do you do when you also have to carry someone else’s baggage? 
In this episode, I talk about why people feel the need to hop into the driver’s seat of your rail car and attempt to slam on your brakes. And I provide 3 turbo-charged tips that’ll give you the power to look ’em straight in the eyes and say, “Don’t mess with my toot toot!” 

Mentioned in this Episode: 

Support for Dummies

#125: Support for Dummies

Some people always suck the air out of the room. They make everything about themselves. They are masters of manipulation…able to belittle you so stealthily that you may find yourself thanking them for the deed. They can make you smaller with just a quick glance. And my guess is that you can spot them a mile away. Like most people, you’re probably pretty good at avoiding them or at least defending yourself from their calculated attacks.  

These people are not good for you. They’re not supportive. And it’s usually obvious.  

But what about the friends and family members who aren’t evil incarnate but who somehow still miss the mark when it comes to support? Do you know how to spot them? Do you have adequate defenses and strategies in place to protect yourself?  

And here’s the BIG, difficult, in-your-face question that needs to be asked: Are you actually one of them?  

You probably think you’re super supportive. And maybe you are. But if you feel like you’re not getting the support you truly need, it may mean that you’re not clear about what support really looks like. And therefore, you may not be giving it to others in your life either.  

The first step to towards real support is truly understanding it. And as a professional healer for nearly two decades, I’m often stunned at how many people just don’t get it.  

So I’ma break it down for you right now with Support for Dummies!  

There are 4 main ways that support shows up. Some may surprise you. In fact, a lot of people confuse support with something far less…well…supportive! In this episode I reveal all of this to you – and more. Not only do I explore the 4 Signs of True Support, but I give you a spot-on litmus test to immediately gage and determine if you’re receiving the support you need. Extra points if you’re brave enough to share it with your loved ones so that they can also discover just how supportive you are showing up in their lives!  

The good news is that it’s never to late to teach the people in your life just how you need to be supported. And it’s never to late to learn a few new skills yourself.  

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4 Easy Ways to Say,

#124: 4 Easy Ways to Say, “I Don’t Got Your Back!”

Ever wondered how you can let someone know that you just don’t support them? Looking for ways to show someone you really don’t care? We’ve all been there. So I’m here to show you 4 ways to say, “I don’t got your back!”

Or…you know…identify which of your own loved ones aren’t truly there to support you.

Support. It’s that make or break ingredient that can often be the difference between success and failure. Think of it like salt: You don’t always detect when it’s there. When administered correctly, it’s subtle. It makes everything work better. It can bring out flavor, textures, even colors. It’s responsible for the chemical success of so many things. So while it’s presence can be easily taken for granted, its absence is glaringly obvious.

You literally cannot live without salt.

And if you’re completely honest with yourself, you know that the same thing is true of support.

How many heart-warming stories have you heard about an underdog who went from rags to riches or who, against all odds, achieved something that transformed the world? And how many times have you succeeded at something without any help, guidance, or support?

But what about those people in your life who are supposed to have your best interests at heart? Your friends, your family, even your coworkers and bosses? Are they truly supporting you?

Chances are, you know the answer. And you probably have at least one person in your life who means well, who appears to have your back. But when push comes to shove, they’re not only not offering you support, they may actually be actively sabotaging you.

So how can you identify if there’s one of these unsalty characters messing up your recipe for success? I share 4 simple ways in this week’s podcast. And I also give you 3 easy tips to restore the support that you need to succeed.