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Ruschelle Khanna – Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast

Listen in as Ruschelle Khanna shares her Get Out of Your Own Damn Way story.

1476151_10152554576731459_2411720426689628701_nABOUT THIS GUEST: Ruschelle Khanna, LCSW is a dynamic speaker and health advocate for women. While suffering a severely disabling systemic infection,, Ruschelle discovered a profound presence of God. In experiencing extreme physical pain in her brain and spinal cord, Ruschelle awakened to the full meaning of present centered living and connection with Divine Spirit. Since that time, she has devoted her time to teaching women to stop running from their pain, to take control of their lives and live in the joy of the present moment. She is excited to share her first book, 30 Days of Prayer: Healing Autoimmunity for Women, an inspirational companion on your journey to healing.


Therese Skelly – Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast

Listen in as Therese Skelly shares her Get Out of Your Own Damn Way story.

BANNER-PICABOUT THIS GUEST: Known as the “Money Mindset Mentor and Business Catalyst, Therese Skelly works with service based entrepreneurs who love what they do and are ready to grow their business in a much easier and more authentic way. Therese helps those whose business is part of their life purpose clear money blocks so they can learn how to own their value and have powerful, authentic sales conversation. This means they will make more money, serve more people and have a business that makes them happy. Drawing from her own journey of losing everything in service of living the entrepreneurial dream, Therese has created a way to teach her clients how to get their gifts in the world, so they can make the huge difference they desire to. A former psychotherapist, combined with years of marketing/strategy and consulting, Therese offer’s the perfect blend of both “inner game” work and very tactical, real world strategies that allow her clients to see the results they desire.


Krylyn Peters – Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast

Listen in as Krylyn Peters shares her Get Out of Your Own Damn Way story.

PIC-Krylyn Peters 2015-squareABOUT THIS GUEST: Krylyn Peters, “The Fear Whisperer,” is an author, speaker, coach, and singer/songwriter. Drawing on her experience as a licensed psychotherapist and her ability to easily connect with others, Krylyn creates immediate feelings of trust and integrity. Gifted with humor, saying what needs to be said, and a knack for thinking on her feet, Krylyn’s style is inviting, authentic, and fun. She motivates, inspires, and entertains – leaving people empowered with practical and proven tools to help them tame their fears and get out of their own damn way so they can step into their greatness.



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