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Five Tips to Move from Fear to Freedom by Luci McMonagle

Guest Post by Luci McMonagle

Luci McMonagle

Fear is rather an insidious and slippery type of energy that slides in and out of our lives like a bad memory, I’d say like a bad romance, but that was already taken. I’m not the only expert on fear, however, I am an expert enough to know navigating your fears empowers you to navigate your life from adversaries you may be facing to become victorious. My expertise comes from the hard school of knocks where I was knocked down more times than most and without failing, I’ve always pick myself back up. I grew up in a small town entrenched in poverty, tragedies and traumas. Despite my life’s circumstances, I’ve risen up to the top of my field and what I want for you is to have the freedom to be able to choose if you want to make more money or have more freedom to do what you desire while experiencing true lasting joy – the kind that others cannot take from you. Fear plays a huge factor in your ability to become successful or not and it will create more of life’s adversaries for you if you allow it to get out of control. To be able to navigate your life’s adversaries, you have to face what personal flavor your fear is disguising itself as.

To begin with, look at things that automatically trigger a fear response in you. Do you get fearful speaking in front of groups? Or maybe you fear how others will react to your emails or social media posts. Then start to notice that same feeling in other areas that you don’t really consider fear. This is where it can get tricky because something common like overwhelm or procrastination is a form of fear in disguise. Whatever flavor of fear you are experiencing know that you can become victorious.

Secondly, once start to ask yourself what triggers your fear responses and begin writing them down. When you write something down, it seems to become smaller. This is especially the case of fear.

Third, be curious and inquisitive about where did that fear come from and ask yourself what is the worse that could happen? Followed by asking yourself, what is the best that could happen? This tip starts to allow you to make friends with fear because in reality fear really is only there to protect you from getting hurt. It’s not as bad as so many would make you believe.

Fourth, now that you are starting to make friends with fear and you are having a better understanding with the two questions you are asking about it in tip three. Decide that you are going to start making small steps towards lessening the grip fear has on you. You do this by choosing to do something that triggers a fear response and then state to your fear it’s going to be okay, I know you are scared, but we are going to do this anyway.  Then do what you set out to do.

Fifth, after you’ve started to do a few things that trigger your fear and you’ve made friends with fear then document both tangible and intangible results. Some results that are tangible is that you were able to acquire the item you wanted, or perhaps your goal was to make more money so you conquered your fear to make the sales calls that you felt dreaded prior. Some of the intangible items could be you have more confidence and feel more at easy. You may be experiencing less frustrations and you are starting to look forward to moving through more fears so you will be able to start being more empowered.

These tips will help you get out of your own way faster so that you will be able to choose to design your life rather than by default. You will be able to start making the impact on your own personal world like you desire. These will lead you to manifesting more money, more freedom and more joy in your life.


ABOUT THIS GUEST: Luci McMonagle grew up in a poverty stricken life filled with tragedy and she finally took a stand to reclaim her own personal power. Despite all odds Luci has risen to become a top influencer as an Abundance Breakthrough Coach and Speaker while creating her life by design. Luci empowers creative women entrepreneurs how to become victorious over adverse life circumstances to one that is fueled with personal empowerment. Bottom line is women gain more Money, More Freedom and More Joy in her life. Today Luci will tell you her top 3 tips on how to triumph in your life.
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