Do the messages you most need to hear seem to pop up around you? That happens to me all the time. For many years, I didn’t really pay attention and I’m sure I missed a lot of signs the universe was sending my way. But more and more over the last few years, I pay attention.

As I move through my own journey, I am constantly reminded where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am going. It’s great to have reminders. But it’s even better to have confirmation and validation, and a little nudge when needed.

Fear has been a big theme that’s come up for me over the last couple years. So much so that I became a certified trainer for the “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®” process (through its creator Susan Jeffers Ph.D.). I am a strong believer that many of us teach what we most need to learn.

Although I may be considered an expert in helping people move through fear, I must still face my own. Some challenges I move through faster, while others linger and keep providing lessons.

Recently I stumbled upon a video excerpt of comedian Jim Carrey giving a commencement speech. Watch it below.

In it, there is a profound statement that stood out to me (that I needed to hear…again…as I’m facing a tough decision):

“The decisions we make in this moment are based in either love or fear.”

Think about it. When you are faced with a challenge, do you make decisions based out of love or fear? And what does that look like?

Out of love, you might:

  • Show concern for how others are doing, rather than focus solely on how you are affected
  • See the perspective of all those involved, regardless of what they have done
  • Be compassionate and forgiving
  • Act in the interest of the higher good, even if it’s not exactly what you want to do

Out of fear, you might:

  • Blame others for how you are feeling
  • Only see your side of things and not be able to hear other perspectives
  • Be constricted, shutting down, escaping, or avoiding the situation (or people involved)
  • Act in your own interest, even if it’s not good for others (or yourself)

In every situation, we have a choice. We can act out of love or act out of fear. It’s not always easy, but it is possible. Next time you are about to make a decision, take a moment to ask yourself how you want to be. Do you want to act out of love or out of fear? Remember, how you act will help shape your future.