GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Philip Dhingra

Philip Dhingra – Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast

GOYW Guest Podcast Episode - Philip DhingraListen is as Philip Dhingra shares his journey of learning self help tools over 16 years, and ultimately what has really helped make all the difference in him getting out of his own damn way.

“Whenever I find myself having the JOMO (joy of missing out), that usually tells me I’m living my life correctly.” – Philip Dhingra

ABOUT THIS GUEST: Philip Dhingra is an app developer from Austin, Texas. He created The Creative Whack Pack for iOS, which he collaborated on with creativity legend Roger von Oech. He also writes books, and his latest one, Dear Hannah, is a cautionary tale about self-improvement. In it he recounts 70 self-help books and methods he used over 16 years to change who he is. The results may surprise you. dearhannahbook.com





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