Love for the Jam Sessions!

At the conclusion of every session, I feel powerful, motivated, and joyful. The sincerity and humbleness of your guests is amazing. Their stories and journeys are touching and ones in which everyone can relate.

Krylyn… You are a Godsend. I feel it’s important to let you know your work is important and touches the lives of so many people.

I truly believe you were placed in my life at this right and perfect time because your message aligns directly with my current life path. The messages I receive from the sessions are not lessons to be learned, but rather confirmation that I am on the right path, doing the right things. Additionally my thoughts, fears, worries, anxiety, and experiences are completely normal… and more important, I am not alone on this journey and to stay the course.

Cindy Banton, PhD

Jam Sessions Love…

Thank you for sharing a great testimony. I love your story and trust me, you are in great company. So nice to see others putting it out there to help others. Keep going and don’t stop!


Felicia Reed


Jam Sessions Love…

OMG!!!! I could not believe what I was hearing. Kelly Galea is ME!!!! Our professional paths, feelings, and overall life journey mirror each other closely. I needed to hear this discussion. Every word of the discussion the two of you spoke applied to me!!!!

Words cannot express the impact this session had on me. All I can say is WOW!!! J I’m now going to take the time to reflect and re-energize based on the awesome gift of information and insight I was given today. Thank you!

Enthusiastic Jam Session Listener

Our first session was a definite breakthrough. I got past the overwhelm and broke things down into manageable steps. Thank you sincerely for that!

Karen Willis,

Career Coach - Dublin, Ireland,

I knew it was time to create content in my business – newsletters, emails, webinars, information products, and more – but I felt overwhelmed and blocked. From an early age, I decided I wasn’t creative, and that decision was holding me back from generating content that nurtures my fans and clients. Krylyn’s coaching allowed me to overcome my fear and break out of my creativity prison! Because I’ve stopped procrastinating, second-guessing myself, and holding back my unique voice in my industry, I’m producing more business content than ever. I honor my creative process now, and approach it feeling relaxed, playful and inspired. Thank you, Krylyn!

Morgen Drasnin

The Soulful Wealth Coach,

As things often go with change, I reached several crossroads in my life at the same time. I needed a sounding board and insight into myself to work through my fears and concerns so I could move forward.   Life coaching with Krylyn truly helped me get things out of my head and into a useful format. Krylyn was a great listener and showed me that I had the answers all along. Her life experience and background as a therapist was apparent from the beginning. I was able to make the necessary decisions and started implementing them in my life immediately with confidence. I strongly recommend life coaching with Krylyn if you are in a position where you know you need to make some changes in your life but fear is holding you back. Krylyn has a knack for putting things into perspective so the huge mountain in front of you simply becomes a path in which you take one step at a time. Before you know it you’re already at the top!

Angela S.

Non-profit Program Coordinator, Phoenix, AZ

Wow, Krylyn has packed so many strategies into this book (“7 Ways to Instantly Center Yourself: How to Find Calm in the Storm“)!  This is one of those things you pick up and have a reminder of what you can do (often very quickly) to change your mood, your energy, and your life. My favorite chapter was the one on Nurturing.  I love the ideas and suggestions that Krylyn gives, and I’m going to start implementing them immediately! The cool part is that there is a way out of overwhelm.  And Krylyn has beautifully given a roadmap for that!

Therese Skelly

Business Coach & Transformational Teacher,

Krylyn Peters is a luminary and this book will enlighten you. Balance can be a tough ideal to strive for, but Krylyn makes it accessible and achievable. Her suggestions and wisdom light the way for anyone looking to center themselves. I am always searching for resources for my clients to use to help them achieve increased confidence and Krylyn Peters’ book is one I will readily share with them. 7 Ways to Instantly Center Yourself should be a tool in everyone’s tool kit!

Sheila Kennedy

THE Confidence Coach,

Working with Krylyn is an inspiration! Her sense of creativity is endless. I love the way she uses music and voice to ignite passion that unlocked doors within me. I engaged Krylyn to assist me in getting clarity about how I wanted to express my coaching skills. I had a lot of ideas but little direction. With processes and gentle mirroring, I was able to tease out the essence of what I really wanted to experience in my work and focus upon that. I got clear! I got past my desire to get it all right and took action. Krylyn is brilliant at understanding what’s really going on, at unraveling the underlying fear and making it seem like a piece of cake to face it. She is definitely “the fear whisperer.”

Carin G. Aichele

The Change Agent,

I’ve been in the helping profession for nearly 10 years and I’ve spent much of that time helping others to achieve and actualize their goals. I have rarely taken time to focus on my own personal goals or vision for my future. Krylyn’s coaching services gave me the permission to focus on me and my self-care as well as explore what is important to me in my life. Receiving life coaching from Krylyn was like looking into a really clear mirror, for the first time, I could see who I was and what was important to me. Krylyn is one of the best listeners and was always able to take a lot of information I was giving her and restate it back to me in a nicely wrapped package to show that she understood what was important to me; it truly was like a gift to spend time talking with her. Krylyn has a way of making you feel comfortable and safe in sharing personal information and always uses a non-judgmental approach which is very refreshing. What I liked best about Krylyn’s life coaching is the progress I made in between our sessions. Krylyn has this way of finding out how to ignite your fire, your passion, and it made me want to accomplish the things I shared with her. I think our weekly check-ins were just the right amount of accountability I needed to really produce movement in my life. I felt so stuck for so long and Krylyn helped pull me out and get my legs working again! Another thing I valued is Krylyn understanding of what it means to be human and not accomplish everything you may have set out to do that week but she was still supportive and thoughtful in her responses, never judging or blaming. Anyone seeking positive change in their life needs to call Krylyn, it is an investment in yourself and your life and you are worth it! Thank you, Krylyn, for making such a difference and always listening to what was important to me.


AZ Licensed Masters Social Worker

I just finished my master’s degree in professional counseling a few months ago and had started working in my field as a crisis therapist. I really was struggling with my confidence as a new therapist and did not feel like I was at my fullest potential, I felt like something was missing. I had heard of Life Coaching previously, but did not fully understand how it worked. Krylyn took all the mystery out of Life Coaching and has helped me make huge changes in my life. Krylyn was able to pinpoint areas that I wanted to work on and set goals that worked for me and she kept me accountable. Krylyn is honest, compassionate and always professional. Working with Krylyn was an answer to what I was looking for in my sagging confidence. I would recommend Krylyn’s services to anyone and everyone, and I have, because she can help anyone realize their fullest potential.


I attended a workshop provided by Krylyn related to overcoming fear. She awakened my spirit by helping me realize my fear was not job interviews but of being judged and evaluated by others.  I was instantly able to let go of my fear. Pretty incredible stuff!!


Krylyn’s e-book (“7 Ways to Instantly Center Yourself: How to Find Calm in the Storm“) is full of great tips to help center yourself- it’s just the right length so that it’s not overwhelming if you’re in the midst of a crisis, yet meaty enough to dive into more deeply whenever you’ve got the time. It’s got a great overview of strategies so you can pull out what you need when you need it and move on to trying the next thing if you find you need a bit more. Brava and thanks, Krylyn!
Elizabeth Gould

Love for “7 Ways to Instantly Center Yourself: How to Find Calm in the Storm”

I love how Krylyn has managed to give lots of simple, practical, instantly implementable tips without getting bogged down in complicated details or abstract theory.

Kay Ross

Bodyworker/healer, Hong Kong,

Krylyn is such a talented facilitator and artist. She has such a calm presence and is always able to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable and seems to always know just what to say to ease anxiety and fear. She has a great sense of humor and her CircleSongs group is freeing, fun, and just all around fabulous! It is like a gym membership for your soul 🙂


CircleSong group member

…Thank you for sharing your story and journey of self care with us…Your teleseminar helped me to move forward and commit. Very inspiring!

Teleseminar Participant

What a great class, thank you for sharing your gifts! People are still talking about your class! Please stay in touch.

Alisa Fierro

Attended "From Fear-Full to Fear-Less" workshop

I have been a subscriber to your news letter since Nov 16th 2013! Your words have genuinely helped me through some dark times and even though we are geographically miles apart, a lot of your thoughts have really resonated/motivated me to overcome/negotiate barriers I have faced. My physical and emotional voice has strengthened as a result! If that’s what you can do remotely I’d be amazed at what you could achieve on a 1:1 or group basis!

Ray Coates

Throughout my journey as a wellness practitioner, I’ve been blessed to be interviewed by a number of luminary hosts. My experience with Krylyn was by far one of the most memorable and enjoyable. Not only is she operationally buttoned up, she is ALL IN––heart and soul. You can feel her attention and care through the line, and her intent focus on the direction and context of the session. The Creativity and Wellness Summit is truly a heart-centered mission for her, and one I am truly honored to be sharing.

Tina Leigh

Mindful Living + Wellness Consultant

Thank you for continuing to offer classes through our learning center. The feedback is always positive and I appreciate your commitment to providing quality education opportunities to our community.

Shanna Galdys

MSW, CPRP, Learning Manager, Magellan Health Services of AZ, Inc.

Thank you again for such a wonderful group. So meaningful and relevant. I really appreciate you coming to talk with our group. Everyone always gets so much out of it.


Group Leader of Inspired Women’s Circle

What a beautiful book! “7 Ways to Instantly Center Yourself” is part inspiration and part recommended actions you can take to relieve stress and return to a more balanced state. There are practical suggestions for how to take better care of yourself during stressful situations and times. Krylyn also shares how to nurture yourself on an ongoing basis. She has prepared a lovely book with quotes you haven’t read before and calming design features that make the reading easy and pleasurable. Add this to the content, and you have a book you will read and enjoy — and come back to again.

Ginny McMinn

Entrepreneur Coach,

Krylyn’s lecture was insightful, free flowing, interesting, thought provoking and full of life changing information! Thank you!

Julie Seldes

Attended "From Fear-Full to Fear-Less" workshop