Get Out of Your Own Damn Way guest post by Sya A.D.

Take a Good Look at Yourself! by Sya A.D.

Guest Post by Sya A.D.

Get Out of Your Own Damn Way guest post by Sya A.D.


10 December 2013, my last official day as an employee. It was time to say goodbye, my new life was about to start. Yes, I finally allowed myself to build something different and find “my purpose”.

That day was a huge milestone as you can imagine. That day I also received one of the most powerful pieces of advice I ever got. “Sya, now that you are going for something new, take some time and reflect on yourself, take a real look at the mirror and be honest with yourself. What is it about yourself that is helping you moving forward and what is it about yourself that is preventing you to grow?” The words of that colleague resonated instantly within. I felt I needed to keep this in mind and really do it.

I didn’t know how these questions would actually impact my life. How they would inspire me to embrace my flaws and become a better version of myself. What is it you are currently doing that is holding you back? How can you turn this around?

Here are three tips that will help you reflect on these questions.

1. Look at your current life

Sometimes we do not want to look at things the way they are. This can make us feel uncomfortable, so we prefer to act as if this is not a big deal or worse, as if there is nothing wrong. If you want things to change the first step is to really understand there is something to be changed. This could be something about life, work, or even ourselves. Take the time to really state where you are in your journey.

2. Look at your fears

It is very important to take the time to define them and name them. You will not be able to fully grow unless you face your fears. The very first step is to acknowledging them. Again, when we push things away they will come back to you sooner or later in different forms. I like to say “Make fear your best friend.” Let them inspire and help you expand!

3. Look at your behavior

Are your habits empowering or disempowering you? Sometimes we don’t realize that this plays a major role in the life we create for ourselves. What if, what you need to change isn’t what you think you see, but how you relate to it. I do believe we are all perfectly flawed. It is not about blaming ourselves for things that are happening, but really creating a positive movement towards the future. This starts by simply taking a look at your life. Maybe all you need is that little change in your behavior that you can implement right away in order to see things shift in no time.

These tips have allowed me to grow in so many ways before I knew how my life would actually change. I am sharing that same piece of advice I had received a few years back with you now, so you can keep spreading the words. Take a real look, and remember: be real and be kind!


ABOUT THIS GUEST:  Sya is a mindset and a personal brand strategist for ambitious women. She helps passionate entrepreneurs find their zone of genius, raise their charisma level and attract the best opportunities. Get ready to step into your ultimate confident self. Her goal: make you spend less time on the “sales-floor” and more time doing what you love.

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